Generals Comunity Guideline (first post will be updated)

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Welcome to the Random Generals board where the rules are made up and topic don’t matter. Only the rules made by Mods can be enforced. The rules implemented here will at least be the board’s collective sentiment. rules suggested will be put through a Democratic vote. Probably via straw poll. Any passed rules will be posted here. All suggested rules unless explicitly told not to will be considered. With no further to do here are the (soon to be) set guideline of Generals
  1. Keep Generals Weird!  
  2. All Threads Will Not Be Taken Seriously  
  3. If you have a topic that you legitimately want people to seriously discus post them in the actual General forums  
  4. If someone unintentionally break rule 3 only reply with a redirection to the General Discussion forum  
  5. Try to stay with the theme of a thread. If all threads are derail threads no one will be.  
  6. If a thread is derailed please get put it on track [in an X number of pages] reasonably soon  
  7. Have A Good Time!
Princess Celestia (pre-Luna)

The general (heh) point of threads for this forum would be topics that are in themselves rather large or vague, or are likely to continue on past the point of the original post.
As a quick example, “My cat is making a coughing sound, help” is for General Discussion, while “Let’s talk about cats” is for Generals.
Given that threads are expected to be larger than average and carry on via the inertia of the grand topic they deal with, “sillyness” is fine as long as the whole thing doesn’t get permanently derailed or turned into a nonsensical mess. The general site rules still apply; don’t call someone “a cuck” because they like Captain America more than Iron Man, post illegal content, etc.
Regarding NSFW, use spoiler tags or site >>#t/p syntax, and give content warning (ie. blood and guts, or butts, whatever). If the entire thread is meant to be NSFW, include that clearly in the topic with a [NSFW] preface and something descriptive enough; ie. don’t call it ‘[NSFW] GOOD STUFF’ and then it’s a thread of just foot fetish art. And still follow Rule #7; if your gonna post boobs in a grimderp thread, spoiler it.
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