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There are. Or did you even watch DBZ as a kid.
As someone who watched the DBZ dub extensively, and does think there were a couple of stand-out performances, I don’t think that’s the best example. The early Funimation dub was..bad. Like, laughably bad. And while Gen Yers have huge nostalgia for the Ocean Group dub, it’s at least as bad. Brian Drummond’s version of Vegeta is a hysterical, squeaking goofball, and I never saw what was so great about Ian James Corlett as Goku. They have a certain cornball charm, but that doesn’t make them good.
Years of experience coupled with redubs and better writing have led to a lot of improvement in the performances, and Sean Schemmel pretty much is Goku to most people now, but I don’t blame anyone who switched over to the sub as soon as possible. I understand that Goku having a woman’s voice is a hard sell (it makes more sense if you start with the original DB anime; he’s had the same voice his whole life), but no English actor has ever matched Horikawa Ryou as Vegeta. English Vegeta voices are either squealing rasps or gruff growls; they head right for the vocal extremes and disregard Horikawa’s majestic tenor.
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I’m going back through a bunch of series I like and I’m going to try to be a MAL Reviewer. I’ve wrote one review already, but it’s hard to get your feet down right off the bat with something new and I’m not very satisfied with it because I feel like my lack of experience shows.
I feel like I’m reaching some kind of hypothetical endgame. I spent a few years learning and eventually becoming a prominent voice forum-side on that community. Spent a few years managing a club on that site, which I still currently do but I’m pegged to step down from my position at the end of the year as a personal choice due to lack of motivation to continue. I haven’t conquered reviews yet, though. That’s really the last major area on the site I haven’t put my grubby little fingers on and fucked over in some way.
It’s gonna be beautiful, man. A.E.I.E.U.
Anyway, mostly saying this because the series I’m currently revisiting is Kore wa Zombie desu ka? - which is a series I think really kicks ass and would rec to anyone remotely interested.
Brainless, lewd comedies are my fucking jam, man. This shit’s just a bunch of ridiculous concepts smashed together in a Harem&Ecchi framework, yet it has an awesome range of humor ranging from conceptual stupidity to being laden with stupid little language or character reaction jokes. So much of it lends itself to that identity, too. It feels kind of rebellious for being so openly and shamelessly unintelligent in a media environment that veers towards trying too hard to demand the substantial and thematically meaningful.
i.e. if you’re like me and like stupid, loud and lewd comedies, it’s worth looking into. Just kind of want to spotlight it for as much given it hasn’t stood the test of time in terms of recognition like, iunno, To LOVE-Ru has.
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Being so brazenly over-the-top and stupid is kind of why I have a soft spot for older works like Bobobo-Bo-BoBoBo, more obscure works like Gonna Be The Twintail! and more modern works like Pop Team Epic.
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This is why you don’t want to protect him.
I might include a better dub but for his sake. If he never watched it on Toonami as a kid growing up in the 90’s that his fault.
There are good dubs and there are bad dubs of DBZ. I can acknowledge that.
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