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Since we have new Cells season and new show I must reminds this
Cancer arc(s) are not body having what is defined as cancer for us, its only slightly worse than our bodies dealing with cancer everyday
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The problem is that even the longest RPGs would take like 2 weeks top, if you’re playing them all day long. With single player level gains, either way too many people in the world would already be high level, or only the player can level up and quickly becomes boringly OP.
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I was watching Trinity Seven and was reminded of Thanos' finger snap from the blonde haired evil twin. I like how Arata knows he's in a harem, and isn't oblivious at all.
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So, are the demons in The Promised Neverland supposed to be Muslims? Because they said they don't eat humans because of their religion. Not saying Muslims eat humans or anything, but a lot of Muslims don't eat meat and humans are made of meat.
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That reminds me of the movie Trollhunter,where the characters were safe from the trolls as long as they were atheist, because the trolls could smell religious people. They hire a Muslim girl once and they don't know if that will work or not. They'd never heard of trolls encountering Muslims.
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