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No Thank You
I am so sick of not only the stigma that animation being kids' stuff, but also the response to that stigma. Disney marketing a 100% animated movie as "live action." Manchildren unironically talking about MLP like it's made for them and not little girls. And the fucking attitude that gore and fetishes are the mark of "mature" cartoons.

Like, fucking ahegao shirts, waifu tier lists, actual murderers, Elon Musk thinking what's going to get him clout within the community is talking about waifus and rape doujins (and succeeding in getting that clout). We're supposed to be proud of that?

I hate that shit. But I'm just not supposed to say anything, right? I'm not allowed to be angry at this sort of representation of something I care about. I'm just supposed to take everything like I'm a rock.

But no, I am not a rock. And I get it, no one fucking cares. Ultimately its my problem, thinking there could be anywhere on the internet I could escape this shit, but of course not, not even in a tiny thread in a tiny MLP board. My feelings on these things or anything don't matter; not here, not anywhere, not to anyone. Just fucking kill me.
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Ma, I get ya. Lots of stupid crap out there. But that's just the way life is.
Stupid stuff and annoying things are everywhere. But they're much bigger than they actually are because they stand out in our memories more.
No one says you just have to accept things. But it's not worth getting angry over. Cuz honestly, there's always going to be stuff that will be infuriating like that. The key is just learning when it's worth challenging, and when it's just something you go "yeah, that's stupid", brush it aside, and move on.

In semi-anime related news: I'm thinking of doing a joke series of "My Hero Academia in 10 seconds". Basically summing up each episode in only 10 seconds. But I lack the confidence! D=
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Thread Starter - Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post (pony version)

True, but it remains popular even despite it. There are a ton of great animes that have incest in it but as soon as you mention it has incest, people think it's crap. Why isn't it the same for Game of Thrones?
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Sweet F.A.
Okay, why are the intros to these episodes so long? I had to skip to nearly three minutes into episode four before I was past the opening narration, opening theme, and the recap of last episode.
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