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Eden’s Zero aka Fairy Tail in space … With recycled characters and ’ancient rare “magic” ’
and a fair about of sap and the main charters intial goal is to make lots of lots of fiends.
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The Latest Tax Write-Off
They aren’t jacking up the prices actually (not yet at least). It’s just that the folks who’ve been paying the legacy price for Funimation (i.e. those who signed up before they jacked Up those prices) will have to pay full price for Crunchyroll when their account gets transferred over.
I’m not defending the decision at all, but I’d rather people get angry over the scummy stuff that actually is happening as a result (i.e. the whole Funimation digital copy fiasco).
Background Pony #24E3
I stippped usung crunchy after they yanked content for no reaason and made PAID accounts required to watch stuff you used to be able to watch for free.

why they did not get sued for extortion and/or had their HQ raided by and angry mob is still beyond me.
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Half Kitsune
Still no word on “Ghibli Fest 2024”. Probably won’t be announced until near the end of the month like last year.
Also “Castle in the Sky”, “Porco Rosso” and “The Cat Returns” may be the funniest Ghibli movies I’ve ever seen.
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