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Man, a ton of people are HATING the ending to Attack on Titan

I heard it's pretty controversial, which goes double because AoT was one of the BIGGEST animes for, what, the last 6-7 years?
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It's interesting to see people react to the first episode of Nagatoro given the direction the manga ends up going. The first 15 so chapters of Nagatoro are a lot mean spirited than the rest of the series, so it's interesting the first episode of the anime kept the same mean spirited tone. Then again, I'm kind of glad they did because it makes the rest of the series feel more rewarding.

If they had soften the tone of Nagatoro's character at the very beginning, I think it would have lessen the impact of her character development. It makes her eventual growth more significant. I do think in the anime she's less mean than in the first dozeo chapters, but that's to be expected. You're trying to appeal to a mass audience.

And I know some people are going to take issue with the series and say that it romanticizes bullying, but as someone myself who was bullied growing up, I feel Nagatoro's bullying is different. Sure, she made Senpai cry and all, but it's not she threw her book bag in the trash or stuck his head in the toilet or gave him a wedgie. It was more teasing than bullying. I think a lot of her behavior comes from her wanting senpai to be more confident in himself. Grow a spine and defend what he believes in, you know? That's why she tried acting out his manga.
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I know I'm going to get heavily flamed and criticized and ship-shamed for this, but…I really really really REALLY love the Davis/Kari pairing from Digimon, regardless of it never being canon.
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On twitter I saw a thing,"Name five cartoons you watched as a kid that reveal your age".
Here's five animes:
Monster Rancher
Samurai Pizza Cats
Dragonball (this one)
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