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If Little Witch Academia and The Owl House had a crossover, who would Sucy get along with? Luz would be with Akko, and Amity would be with Diana, that and they're all witch related.
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As much flack as 4Kids gets, they were a lot of people's first exposure to anime.
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They actually left Shaman King alone for the most part. Aside from the blood and sex edits, it got surprisingly violent for what their dubs usually do, and it was rather faithful to the original.

Unfortunately, the backlash the dub got from parents led to them avoiding this tactic for the rest of their duration, which led into their dub of… sigh… One Piece.
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Most of the confirmed cast so far is also the same as the original anime. Yoh’s the notable exception, since his original seiyuu has retired, so he’s getting recast with Yoko Hikasa.
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Even with One Piece,they made some good choices,like the voice cast. Even now,alot of fans wish Zolo's VA was the 4kids one. And I like Zolo better than Zoro.
They also had two episodes that were competently fine,though one has a bizzarely nonsensical ending.
This dude's episode actually kept a gun in it. He shoots Luffy! They kept that! Weird.

This episode is the one with the weird ending. They aren't allowed to say the girl died from a fall,so they say she was ambushed and vaguely imply she's paralyzed or in a coma or something. It's too bad,this was a favorite of mine from the manga,so when I first saw it I thought it was cool. But that ending…
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@Dex Stewart
Marc Diraison was one of the few good performances in the 4Kids dub. Its commendable that he was able to still do so through that when even some of their best VAs like Veronica Taylor, Lisa Ortiz, and Jason Griffith surprisingly did lackluster compared to most of their other performances.
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I remember when Toonami aired weekdays and had Saturday Morning and evening blocks.

And there was Cartoon Network’s Saturday Video Entertainment System, which was Toonami in all but name, except they actually featured the openings the Toonami broadcasts cut.
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