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Alright then.

These first few episodes have been… Good. It's entertaining enough. I know the show's gonna go in an interesting direction around episode 20, so I'm holding out until then to give out my full thoughts.

The dub is pretty rough though. You can tell this was the early days of English Dubs being treated with care and respect.

(Apparently CARL MACEK, the dude who butchered many anime, worked on these first few episodes, so yeah)

Trying Chivalry of a Failed Knight out.

Looks like a fairly typical setup. Protagonist everyone considers a loser but has some hidden potential to him. Our typical tsundere heroine who has feelings for him but can't spit it out. Wonder how long they drag the whole BST ou—

Wait, what?!

They hooked up four episodes in!?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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Started watching Midori no Makibao, which seems to be a big thing in Japan and Southeast Asia, but completely unknown in the West.
Apparently it never came to the West because of the most bullshit reason ever:
First graders dealing with horse racing. I mean, we have suggested gambling in Viva Las Pegasus. Why is this such a problem? It’s not hentai or even lolicon, heck, it was even awarded best children’s anime in 1997.
I copied the Chinese subtitles of the first episode from the source I watched and plan to translate them to English and provide to YouTube.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I dont understand why Gintama made a movie based on an episode. Literally I dont see any difference between both, except maybe the movie have more quality in animation.
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