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When your father is forced to work having a heart attack because the union's "hands were tied" as well as other horror stories, maybe there's some reason why there's distrust in a "Union". A union isn't a "greater good" in any world. Reps are paid off by companies all the time. The same ones I'm sure you love you tweeting the right tweets. If you actually cared and bothered listening to people instead of tuning them out in and living in a convenient, comfy bubble you'd realize your god is corrupt and would easily screw you over for a free trip to Palm Beach.

But really, Unions are great because you can be bad at your job and keep it, because you don't get any rewards for being good at it anyways. %_Which explains why a lot tend to like them._%

Hilariously, we now see those that praised CR for years now even with all the underhanded garbage people had been pointing out and _NOW_ they say they're bad. Why should I side with hypocrites?

Do you know why you see the same like, eight VAs in main roles? Because of the screen actors guild gives them roles to the elites and everyone else gets the scraps - and can you tell me what the SAG is?
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