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KLK is horseshit nonsense that people are obsessed with trying to find a deeper meaning in. It's just an assortment of loosely connected content primarily concerned with rule of cool. The difference between it and TTGL is that TTGL has a discernable theme whereas KLK will have a million fucking interpretations as to what it's *really* because it's just fucking nonsense.

Not that there's anything wrong with rule of cool, but the search for meaning within that framework fucking annoys me. The curtains are fucking blue and Imaishi doesn't insert substantial themes in everything he does.

It seems like nonsense because it *is* nonsense. It is very much flashiness first. This is OK. KLK may suck, but it's not because of the lack of cohesive narrative themes. It sucks because it's an off-brand TTGL made by a director rehashing something he was megasuccessful at without understanding what made his previous work successful in the first place. The constant attempts at ascribing false depth to it are a testament to people's overwhelming desire to find this half-assed, half-hearted shitshow good. It's putting makeup on a pig.
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