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There are. Or did you even watch DBZ as a kid.[/bq]

As someone who watched the DBZ dub extensively, and does think there were a couple of stand-out performances, I don't think that's the best example. The early Funimation dub was..bad. Like, laughably bad. And while Gen Yers have huge nostalgia for the Ocean Group dub, it's at least as bad. Brian Drummond's version of Vegeta is a hysterical, squeaking goofball, and I never saw what was so great about Ian James Corlett as Goku.

They have a certain cornball charm, but that doesn't make them *good*.
Years of experience coupled with redubs and better writing have led to a lot of improvement in the performances, and Sean Schemmel pretty much _*is_* Goku to most people now, but I don't blame anyone who switched over to the sub as soon as possible. I understand that Goku having a woman's voice is a hard sell (it makes more sense if you start with the original DB anime; he's had the same voice his whole life), but no English actor has ever matched Horikawa Ryou as Vegeta. English Vegeta voices are either squealing rasps or gruff growls; they head right for the vocal extremes and disregard Horikawa's majestic tenor.

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