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"*Another PV of that anime based on Abraha's siege of Mecca.*":https://youtu.be/MeCuooioEWs

Hm. So anyway in Islamic lore, the siege ended with Mecca side actually losing the fight and fleeing, but Abraha's side being absolutely defeated anyway.

Described in Surah Al-Fiil, Abraha got stopped because apparently Allah intervened by sending an 'Ababil (a flock of birds or something) that carry stones of sijjil (I don't know what that is) and dropped them on the elephant army, causing them to be dying on the ground looking like a grazing field whose grass was has been eaten by cattle.

Some theories.
1. Actual flock of birds from hell carrying hot pellets and basically rained hell on the elephants and soldiers.
2. Disease. God's favorite weapon. A deadly and ridiculously infectious disease rapidly spreading among the elephants and killing them.
3. A crack theory only held by the most deviant of muslims namely me: The Ababil was a squadron of an extremely advanced flying objects that were equipped with machine guns, missiles or bombs, that basically carpet bombed the entire elephant squad.

Let's see which one the anime will hold.

Edit: Wow. The comments are all "I'm muslim, Allahu Akbar!"

And I'm like "This anime takes place in PRE-ISLAMIC Mecca, you nonce! It wouldn't be until another 60 years before Mecca became a muslim city! That is IF the history in this anime lines up with the history according to the Seerah of the prophet! What are you DOING?! This is an ARABIC anime, celebrating ARAB culture! Y'all in the comments ain't even arab! Also this ain't even a muslim anime! Quit it! You guys look stupid!"
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