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Beelzebub is my favorite character. She's so cool. She's probably my ideal public servant figure. She's genuinely nice, she's very reliable, treats her workers fairly (okay maybe she also abuses them, for comedy) and practically knows anybody who is anybody. So if she can't solve it on her own, she'll hook you up with one. And then off you go on a quest to solve the problem of the week.

It's also amazing how practically all of their problems can be solved through either overwhelming brute force, connection with powerful people, or _a lotta money._ Somehow the anime isn't even being cynical about it, too.

"@Holofan4life":/forums/generals/topics/general-anime-thread?post_id=5094544#post_5094544 [bq="Holofan4life"] I've heard most people say good things about 300 years killing slimes. Not reinventing the wheel doesn't mean it's bad. Gabriel Dropout didn't reinvent the wheel, and I love that show a lot. [/bq]It's not bad. It's just, eugh, _not animated._ Many still images are totally screenshot worthy and I'm not trashing the quality of the art (I never did) because they're...on par with what you'd expect in 2021.

I've only been saying that it has nothing much to grab the viewers in, considering it's almost literally a slice of life of an immortal witch who perpetually looks 17, with her also long-living friends and adopted family who perpetually look between 12 to 22.

There's no drama. There's no story arc. There's no crazy skits, there's no laugh out loud humor. I'm pretty sure there is a market for this kinda anime and I guess I'm in it.

...matter fact I think I secretly wished Equestria Girls were more like this, rather than _PLOT! DRAMA! ACTION! COMEDY!_
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