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I love blight and trash anyway. You sez it prior: it all subjective, _mi amigo._ You say it trash, and it prolly is, but there is no denying that I _enjoy_ the dub better than the sub in _many_ cases. [/bq]

"Anime is trash, and so am I":

[bq="Holofan4life"] As an aside, I think the dub for Toradora might be better than the original [/bq]

I feel the same way about Kill La Kill.

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[bq="ghostfacekiller39"] Dubs are a blight [/bq]
Dubs are fine, as long as they're handled well. Even Funimation started to get real good at dubbing around 2005 when they redubbed DBZ's Saiyan Saga. [/bq]

Exactly. If you don't speak Japanese, you automatically assume all subs are "good" subs.

You don't notice a good dub, however, unless it's absolutely AMAZING (few remember the Japanese version of MHA's iconic "PLUS ULTRA" scene, "but everybody remembers the English version": You do, however, immediately notice a bad dub, or even just a mediocre dub. And that sticks in your mind, coloring your perception.

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Its not that dubs are bad (well most them are bad anyway), but very concept of dub is wrong [/bq]

How so?
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