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Absolutely valid point. But I really had to laugh just now. I didn't understand what bellacose nature meant until I realized that you meant bellicose. But I only guessed that now because I read De Bello Galico. Sorry, I was having a really good time when it finally hit me. ;-D

Well, I am quite fascinated by the lore of the Orks and its development in the course of the different editions. This went so far that I really hated Andy Chambers & Gavin Thorpe, the author & co-author of Codex: Orcs (3rd Edition) for a while. But in the meantime everything is good again ;-)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play the tabletop for several years. Too much to do in my job and too many of my old comrades have moved away or now have families now. I could go to one of the many Games Workshop shops, but I always feel a little uncomfortable there. Nowadays I play more the computer games. ;-)

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