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Forest of Sin
Saizo: Kotaro of Mokushu… you will answer to me.

Kotaro: I answer to no one. Who are you to suggest otherwise?

Saizo: I am Saizo the Fifth, servant to the Hoshidan royal family.

Kotaro: Saizo… that's familiar. I believe I've murdered others of your pitiful lineage.

Saizo: You—! How dare you. My father was an honorable man.

Kotaro: Honorable? Maybe. Weak? Definitely. That balding old fool had the audacity to lecture ME! So, naturally… I put an end to his life.

Saizo: I knew you were the one responsible for his death. Coward!

Kotaro: Bwahaha! Isn't this a stroke of luck? To fell both father and son with the same blade… How poetic!

Saizo: I'm about to rewrite your poem…

Kotaro: Please. If you're anything like your father, you won't land a single blow.

Saizo lands the finishing blow

Saizo: How's that? Did I land a single blow?

Kotaro: Ugh… cough cough gurgle

Saizo: Fitting. Father, you are avenged.
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