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@Dirty Bit  
The movie for the second-half of the current book in Heroes has a steampunk version of Three Houses’s monsters (The False Monarch is the name of the video if you want to look it up). A full game could go a route of “natural” augmentation and “unnatural” ones, with prosthetics being the former and the monster in the video being the latter, like a “how far is too far” theme.
Oh, and pegasi could be small blimps.

Five scoops of ice cream
3H is (AFAIK) its own timeline separate from the others. The missiles are hardware left over from the original human civilization before they got tired of living under Nabatean boots and the two races traded genocide attempts.

I just completed the Blue Lion route in Three Houses for the first time, on Maddening, just a few days ago. I heard this is probably the easiest route for this difficulty, hence I chose it, haha. Some early maps were challenging, but it became easier over time (aside from the last map), even though the enemies always had way better stats. I almost ran out of Divine Pulses on the last map, had to test some things too, especially when it comes to the reinforcements at the end. Even blocking the stairs and the surrounding area didn’t stop the four wide-range magicians from appearing. They attack immediately, so one or two of my units would definitely die here. Going all the way back to a safe spot wasn’t an option either, because new reinforcements would appear from there every turn and my team could never handle a huge amount of enemies at once. So, after using one more Divine Pulse, I decided to storm the boss from the middle area as fast as possible. Half of my units died at the end, because of those nasty magicians, but…it was a victory. A bitter one. It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it greatly.
Made it to To Slay a God on my Lunatic file. That chapter is going to hurt.
How did it go? Did you complete the game? :)
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