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To be fair, promoted Eliwood is on average better than promoted Lyn. Access to lances and a horse are a hell of a drug. And being locked to swords (in a game full of lance users) and bows (in any game not called Shadows of Valentia, Fates or Three Houses) is exactly the opposite of that. Though at least Lyn has him beat in style.

Now, I'd still say that hating Lyn just for being a underperforming (or popular) unit is excessive, but hey.

Yup, one more than Lucina. Popular characters sell well, so they get more alts. That's true for any gacha.

If anything, I'm honestly suprised we didn't have any Robin (as in actual Robin, not Grima) alts since Winter Robin back in the first year of the game.
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It doesn't really feel like her, honestly. Would you count a Lyn who's edgier than usual, wears full armor that you would never recognize her in, and you would only remember is lyn if someone told you?

I mean, yeah? If that was something that happens in story, then why shouldn't I? Edelgard as Flame Emperor is pretty in line with her characterization.
Again, would you not count Black Knight and Zelgius (when one is a clone of Darth Vader, and the other is a honorable general)? It's not like with, say, Fallen Robin or Fallen Lyon, where someone else is explicitly in control of the body.
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