Fetishes [NSFW]

Background Pony #F3D1
I…I think I have a hand fetish. I don’t know why I do but I get so warm and fuzzy when I see hands do stuff. I love seeing people use their hands to unbuttoned their shirts. I love seeing people hold hands. I love seeing women paint their nails and take care of their hands, and I love seeing muscular strong hands.I just love Hands!!! It’s gotten so out of control that every time I’m about to go to sleep, I have to watch some twinky Asian boy on YouTube whisper into an expensive microphone as he slowly takes off his suit with his delicate veiny hands, just to get some good night rest.

Anyone hear like seeing girls getting pied or slimed or water getting dumped on them and there closed messed up?(specially anything sleeveless and strapless)
Background Pony #1BAE
I like balls/testes & the kissing of both them and the anus in like beastiality art.
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