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Fetishes [NSFW]

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Alexis the Queer Witch
I’ll have to look through my collection.  
But yeah here’s some of them:  
Ecmajor (though his tend to be a little bit smaller)  
Smudge Proof  
P. Chronos
And those are the best ones
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Straight foalcon  
Incest (depending on the characters involved)  
Honey Dip-like characters  
Slutification (rather, turning someone into a slut).  
Rule 63  
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
“I like girls with big fat titties, I like girls with big vaginas.”  
Spoiled. Everyone’s doing it!  
||Glasses, maid/nurse/school uniforms, female magician costumes, classy clothing, humanized, anthro, aged-up, happy, shyness, cream pies, incest (especially Twilight/Shining Armor. I call them ShineSpark!), princest (which deserves its own mention because I loves it so), ShineSpark plus Cadence, loving thy enemy (Pinkie and Gilda, for example), romantic/in love/tender, cowgirl position, mutual orgasms, flirty teasing. ||

Fabric - I’m talking white & silky sheets, shirts, socks, underwear, dresses, etc. In fact, any clothing or bedclothes. Plus, girls wearing only one of these items and nothing else: socks (especially thighsocks/stockings), panties, a short skirt or small dress
Being in bed naked (me or somebody else)
Kissing all over the body
Petite girls
Short girls with large features (eyes, thighs, ass, tits)
Being on the bottom
Soft colours (light cyan, babyblu, lace pink & others)
…aaand that’s all I can think of for now. Still on the fence about anthro/pony porn. I avoid it vehemently, but I think it might be because I’m afraid I’ll like it.
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Waifu Hoarder
Lingerie, especially garter belts with stockings  
Gender transformation  
Pregnancy and impregnation  
Domination & submission
I especially like males getting turned into females either voluntarily or involuntarily, then getting dominated and impregnated.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hm, well, I generally avoid NSFW content most of the time but being honest…  
Female on male rape, femdom (they’re kinda in the same territory), humanized… Yeah, I think that covers it.
The best understanding I have about some fetishes is that one puts oneself in a deeper position of vulnerability to one’s partner and if one’s heart isn’t broken, it could strengthen the relationship. Though one time I got into an rp where my partner had masochistic tendencies and there I was having no idea how to proceed. How do I enact violence “with love”? Being sensitive to my partner’s emotions and all made me think it was going to hurt me pretty bad…

Ok might as well come out and say it.  
ponies(mlp not real ones lol)  
pony on pony  
And my personal favorite, medical. I love medical scenes, outfits, ect.  
Ponies is nurse outfits are absolutely beautiful to me.  
But I wish there was more then just nurses some pics of of mare doctors( labcoat,scrubs, stethoscope, ect) would really make me happy.  
Oh and surgical attire(mask,gloves,gown) really wish were more pic of ponies prepped and ready to operate. ||

Diapers (Not big surprise, but leaking ones especially) usually in combination with…  
Panty Wetting/Soiling <- Not enough of this on Derpibooru  
Humiliation/Embarassment involving the above two  
Also Adult Foal on occasion, but it’s rare and subtle.
Also a big fan of revealing skirts, anthro, unshorn fetlocks, and nice ass shots.
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