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Fetishes [NSFW]

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I did my best!
Yeah, I lost interest in the comic because it just boils down to making gory parodies, and that Aeris is a bitch and Leo is a moron. IDK if either of them have any backstory but I like to think they both have inner struggles and their “personalities” shown are just masks to hide them.
Also there’s a version of Tinker Bell I like (on Hypno Hub at least) where she’s a snake-girl, and she hypnotizes Sora, Kaa-Style.
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Embrace the Madness
I’ve always had this fantasy of wearing Tinkerbelle like a condom, fucking her, and popping her fairy ass to bits with a cumshot.
I don’t have a micro-fetish, but micro lends itself well to inflation fetish stuff.
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