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Fetishes [NSFW]

Luca H.

Official 4★Townie
My OC, Allure. I wasn’t sure where to post her, couldn’t put her in the OC thread because…you know, and I couldn’t post her in the NSFW art thread because I didn’t draw her (only did the coloring after and I’m pretty sure that’s actually against the rules).
Apologies for the watermark, but uh…I didn’t want anyone here stealing her rights since I adopted her.
Background Pony #3AD7
I don’t know if this is the right place, but ¿them can recommend me some comics?
I like to see sentimental/emotional things & I don’t know how to look for that kind of things.
Content of nature: gay, futa or straight its okay.
Nothing grimdark or grotesque please ^^
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No, you're a ponyloaf!!
@Luca H.
If you’d like to talk to me in DMs, you can send that there ref and I can actually make yer character and give it to ya personally.
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