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Fetishes [NSFW]


Your avatar reflects my opinion on those.
I am actually actively against the idea of me reproducing, even just as a donor, so those ones give me chills.
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Primarily macrophilia (giantess/shrunken men), but I have a fondness for upskirting, butts, ejacuation (vaginal secretion), and extreme pleasure
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Inflation, fatties, bondage, crossdressing, muscles, transformation… and an assload more.  
It’s mostly those fetishes that you would have no idea was a fetish unless you spent enough time on the internet.
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Aquaphilia, aka ponies being underwater.  
Disappointingly uncommon. Like, farting is more fetishized than aquaphilia with this fandom.
Someone fuckin’ fix that.
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I don’t really know why were using spoilers considering it should be readily apparent by the thread title its gonna be NSFW, but okay.
Most of y’alls stuff is pretty damn tame in comparison. I’ve obviously spent entirely too much time in the furry fandom because most of mine aren’t even close to the realm of physically possible.
I’m actually going to go somewhat in detail rather than just list them, too.
Furry stuff in general is definitely a huge plus. My interest drops significantly if it doesn’t fall somewhere on the sliding scale of anthropomorphism.
The second biggest one for me would be vore of pretty much any sort excluding hard vore, especially when involving predators of a species you wouldn’t normally consider predatory, including ponies, but also including mice and rabbits. For those unaware, that means (as a pred/prey switch) I get super turned on by the idea both of being able to swallow someone (often of my own size) whole, and being swallowed. I can’t really explain why it turns me on as much as it does, but it most definitely does.
Depending on my mood, I tend to stick to the main three. Soft vore, anal vore, and cock vore/unbirth depending on the sexes involved. The more predators and prey and feeders involved the better. Snowballing prey, full-tour vore, unwilling predators being forcefed and learning to love it, all huge plusses in my book.
Hyper, especially when combined with stuff like sounding, cockvore, big gaping holes, cum inflation, that sort of stuff. Visibly distended bellies are obviously relevant as well. I can even get into macro/micro, though its not especially my thing, since I tend to enjoy same-size or size-difference involving the biggest bulges possible. Biggest advantage of macro is being able to enjoy a big, warm, wet, slippery maw with a huge tongue exploring every inch of your body.
Herms (“futa” seems to be the preferred term for ponies for no reason whatsoever) are a huge plus, as are ‘taurs (Anthropomorphic torso attached to a much larger than average feral body. Triple the belly-space, and another pair of agile limbs for grasping and rubbing.)
Related to sounding, a specific kink I have that is distressingly hard to find (probably because it doesn’t really have a proper name) is cock fucking/docking+sounding/etc.
As for more roleplaying in general interests, I can get into pretty much any situation from romantic and cuddly to rough and dirty, though I’m not into pain and suffering (Its why I prefer my vore non-digestive, or at least not painfully so.)

Edit: Oh and some of the more ‘normal’ ones too, I guess.
Very bisexual. Situations that take advantage of that are a plus, such as pegging, futa, threesomes, effeminate males, tomboys, that kind of stuff.
Positions, I’m again very much a switch, depending on my mood. Related to my more extreme fetishes, I have a huge oral fixation. I will totally suck your dick or eat you out at the drop of a hat. (or more likely, pants) Preening, ear nibbles, general licking, all very much yes.
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human on pony action. Realistic Mare genitalia is always a plus. Horse cock. Celestia… pretty much any time. Hooves. Hoers (that aren’t purposefully drawn to try to express that horses are ugly.) domination (but not rape.) ummm…. there’s alot here. I’ll just stick with that for now.
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