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I need coffie
One time I dremt I was a guest star on Chuffaconroy. I battled him with a tribute to his animal crossing villigers.
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I dreamed i got another pet bird, but it ended up poisoned and grey.
But i picked up a brightly colorful cat outside as I marveled at the crows picking at my other pet’s corpse.
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There were four successive nightmares I had on one night:
  • Seeing people die in explosions and earthquakes, and wanting to avenge their deaths by punishing and killing the gods  
  • Finding Hindu and Muslim fanatics forcing their children to fight to the death  
  • A classroom of fanatical Japanese youths torturing a Korean student, and the student is revived to be tortured and killed after he is slain  
  • An island village of animal-like robots who hunt for a villager, killing him again and again
    These nightmares inspired me to create a story about a Japanese man who escapes two islands of cursed robots.
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needs more G5
A few nights ago I had this dream where I found myself in some random trailer park, and some guy who was working on his pickup truck forgot to chock the wheels and the truck ended up rolling into an above-ground natural gas access line which began a chain reaction of explosions that eventually destroyed the entire park.
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