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I made birria tacos. It was a long and complicated recipe. First I made an adobo sauce of dried chiles, onion, garlic, ginger, and spices, then marinated a beef roast in it overnight, then baked it in a dutch oven for four hours, let it cool, shredded the meat, mixed the meat with some of the broth, dipped tortillas in the broth, and cooked them in an oiled skillet with a scoop of meat on top. Once the bottoms were crisp, I folded the tortillas and the tacos were finally done.

It wasn't easy, but the results are delicious.
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It's been a while since I've posted anything here. Got a brand new set of dietary restrictions, too. Since December, actually. Turns out it's not normal for people's bones to hurt all the time and gluten can do that to you.
This is by far my most hated food restriction. I love wheat more than anything else I've had to give up and it's in everything. I've been having to be very creative and cook even more ethnic food. It's fine by me, I like spice.

I found out my husband isn't a big fan of African cuisine. North, West, East, Sub-saharan, doesn't matter. Something about the spice combinations puts him off. Shame, I love the stuff. I made doro wat with authentic teff injera last night. I used pure teff flour and made my own starter four days prior. The flavor was rich. Unfortunately, the mister wasn't a fan of this either. So I'm using the rest of the teff flour to bake peanut butter cookies. Simple, quick and quite delicious.

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