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Conor is so incredibly weak against submissions like I said. What these people are still bragging about him is how he would bulldoze Oli the way he did to Jose Aldo or Cowboy...

pffff... Typical drunken Irish and wannabe Irish boozers.

What the fuck where they thinking?... That Aldo fight was like 5 years ago! And Cowboy was at his physical decline at that time. If I were to speculate between a hypothetical fight between Khabib if his father never died and current Oliveira, I believe Oliveira MAY have moderate to high chances of beating Khabib if this was a title bout.

Conor McGregor has gotten so fucking weak right now. The very same techniques he used to knock people out on Poirier didn't worked anymore on their rematch.

The only
smoke Oliveira needs right now this year is Gaethje, Chandler again, and our boi Makhachev. 😎☝
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