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New episode of “Eureka!”:
Ferreka: While installing a new water-pipe system to water a vegetable garden, a pack of brontoferrets manages to get in the garden.
Peppereka: After being paired up with Eureka for a project, Pepper finds that she and Eureka are quite a pair and makes activities and gadgets that require both girls be together, to the jealousy of Barry and discomfort of Eureka.
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@Luca H.
I was honestly surprised they added that in there

I always thought it was kinda odd people shipped Mugman with Cala Maria so it’s all the more funny to see the show writers tease the possibility.
Also was surprised they gave Cala Maria a Russian accent, but actually I think it fits.
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my concern about Batman: Caped Crusader Is that it would go to hulu and because it’s still Warner Bros no Disney plus release for it like other hulu originals.
Still don’t know how to watch hulu’s animaniacs in the uk without piracy.
Although it would be funny if they were able to get the batman show on Disney plus
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