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The 5th season of Camp Cretaceous has finally come out and there is a lot to take in since this does seem to be the end of the campers’ story arc.
Honestly after all this time watching the show I’ve really grown a connection to the campers, so when we see where they are now after all this time it does actually get you emotional.
I was certainly surprised that Brooklyn and Kenji hooked up, but was even more surprised to see Yas and Sam get together. Ben reuniting with Bumpy was nice and I like that he now works with Mae.
Lewis Dodgson is back as was predicted and yes he does find the Barbasol can while on Nublar, but obviously the embryos are useless so he just has it as a keepsafe like he does in Dominion.
We get another fight between T-Rex and Spino, and while you think they killed off another T-Rex it comes back for round 2.
Finally it ends with them all getting off the Island and returning to their familys except Kenji who now lives with Darius, and we cut some years later where the events of Fallen Kingdom have happened and now Dinosaurs roam the planet; so I don’t if this means they plan another season or a whole new show entirely but it would be great if we did get to see more of Jurassic World after all.
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Bloo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and Reaper from Overwatch have the same voice actor.
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@northern haste
Or they never seen the joke or show and are assuming they’re related because both their last name is Bunny. Not the first time someone worked on show for an existing series without know the source material.
Worse case scenario for this change is because they’re doing this because of shipping and in the original series Babs and Buster were a couple in the show.
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