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I remember the show itself as a kid, but I can’t recall much of it nowadays. I do know it was a pretty weird show though.
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Isn’t Catra the toxic cat from that show? I do remember thaks to online reviews she almost destroys everything out of envy.
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My only issue with entrapdak is they shouldn’t have been allowed into the group and instead gone off on their own to start a new life, it was super dickish for everyone to kind of make a joke about how they were cool with the guy who destroyed Mermista’s home and is very clearly responsible for the deaths of children being invited to the friend circle like that, they just made the villains to evil for the cheap last minute redemptions they handed out,
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I’ll still love her 100 years from now. One of the best characters on the show. I would almost say the best. But I love 2-3 characters more for different reasons ;-)
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I just finished the Simpsons season 14 episode “Barting Over” (Bart moves out when he learns that he was the spokesbaby of a commercial, which Homer spent the money away for himself), which was originally the 300th episode but it was actually 302 with “Strong Arms of the Ma” (Marge gets mugged outside a Kwik-E-Mart and starts working out and ends up taking steroids). This was referenced in the aforementioned episode when Lisa has a counter of 300 (stupid things Homer’s done) and Marge thought it was 302.
Technically it’s 301, since “Stark Raving Dad” still isn’t on Disney+, or anywhere else non-DVD based for that matter.
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