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"The 2015 Muppet show was too adult! These aren't the Muppets I know!".

When someone makes a comment like that, you can tell their first exposure to the Muppets was Muppet Babies or any of the post-Henson Muppet movies.
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Well,I've rewatched Charlotte's Web. I got the full screen version. At first I thought,well,crap. But now I've watched the whole thing,and it looked fine,I can't imagine it looking any better in widescreen. I watched the theatrical trailer,and it's all cropped footage of the full screen version.
So,was it made in full screen,then cropped for theaters?
Weird,but that makes me wonder all the more why two different aspect ratios got two separate DVD releases.
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I find it weird that Fox Kids aired 2 episodes of digimon, sometimes a marathon.
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@Dex Stewart
Yeah, usually it was 2, but sometimes it was 3. October 2000 thru January 2001 had 3 episodes, with the first 2 at 9:00AM and 9:30AM and the third a half hour later at 10:30AM.
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