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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Man, Sometimes you just find some BADASS art of cartoons you've watch.

Now this is He-Man!

And so, after defeating Keldor. The proud warrior Randor sat on his thrown as Eternia's king.
And over the years wore his crown upon a troubled brow, wondering when this "hero" of Eternia will appear and what threats will the kingdom face to need of him.
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I look forward to new Amphibia and Owl House episodes every Saturday, but I HATE using the DisneyNow player. It keeps replaying scenes, and is constantly buffering.
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This is kinda why, despite CG being terrible and the death of animation, I do want a CG Masters of the Universe show. Traditional animation just can't keep up with the original character concepts, which kinda demand complex detail and dramatic lighting.

I remember talking to someone who wanted Kengan Ashura done in traditional animation, because he didn't like CG. I had to gently explain that this…

…would either look like shit, or give the poor animator an aneurism by the time he's finished a dozen or so key frames.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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man, if only the owl house fan art was this and not drowned out by stupid shit like luzamity. fucking yuri ruins everything.
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