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@Background Pony #E165
Here's an abridged version, but oftentimes exaggerate that Lovitz assaulted Andy Dick.
Of course, it's understandable why Lovitz was so mad, Phil Hartman was his friend, and fellow SNL vetran.

Like Hartman, John Lovitz also had many Simpsons characters too.

Yeah, Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime, and Eeyore) was technically the first Mario voice from the "Donkey Kong" segment of the obscure "Saturday Supercade" cartoon. (An anthology of classic arcade games adapted into cartoons.)

There interestingly an episode that adapted the "Donkey Kong 3" arcade game, and featured Stanley the protagonist of that game, whom replaced Mario. (But the cartoon featured him with Mario & Pauline regardless)
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@northern haste
The comments, sadly, miss the point.

Especially the ones that imply the white people are somehow blocking the POC from voice acting. Or that the voice should be ethnically correct so that it isn't actually acting.

And will be there to browbeat writers into properly portraying the race of the character.

In their infinite strife to show how not racist they are, they end up being the racists.

A lot of characters from the 80's and 90's were blacked by black actors and many were white.

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I haven't watched most of it.
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Man, I forgot how hilarious Genie is.

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Uhm one thing: there's no deny that Netflix has offered a lot so far in terms of great animated shows: Carmen Sandiego, Bojack Horseman, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, The Dragon Prince, Green Eggs and Hams and so on. However, I checked out on Wikipedia the list of upcoming animated shows and… it's just me or aside of The Cuphead Show and (if they don't screw it up) Kid Cosmic there isn't anything to look forward coming to the platform in terms of animation? It doesn't help that DreamWorks left for Peacock… anyone?
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There are now people who are unironically nostalgic for My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Camp Lazlo.
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The Cuphead Show is looking good so far. I watched some of the leaked animatics and I genuinely liked what I saw, I will gladly watch the full thing when it comes out.
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@Thanotos Omega

The thing is, it's pretty realistic.

That's what I actually like so much about it. Love is messy, rough, and dangerous. And too often "romance" in shows is depicted as a perfect, beautiful thing.

Sometimes, its born of some pretty rough shit.
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my issue is impressionable kids being told that abusers can change when that belief is a key component to the cycle, so i prefer that it remain a fanfic thing
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