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Well, tomorrow is the day.
A show I currently dread, brings Part 1 of the Finale Trilogy.
If you are fine with all age gap ships, you’re welcome to get hyped for the Owl House specials.
Me? I just rather look forward to Big City Greens, Ghost and Molly McGee and Chibiverse. Don’t ask why. And I mean it.
Hollowfox, Always The Worst Person
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Est. 2012
As long as it’s something like Chrissy and Eddie from Stranger Things, that’s fine. Chrissy is 18 and Eddie is 20. (Although people still treat 18 like it’s underage when it’s not imo, same with the whole Aalyah Mysterio situation in 2020.)
That’s what I don’t mind about age gap ships, only if the characters are 18 and older.
What I’m talking about is the idea of Huntlow being canon and people saying that it isn’t problematic (unlike other age gap ships like Sparity) which is why I said about “people liking age gap ships”, but imma get sixed if I say anything about the s-word and the Age gap between Hunter (16 y/o) and Willow (14-15 y/o). And the whatifs too.
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🎶I can like a show🎶
🎶Because that’s how it goes🎶
🎶I’m writing a song about being a fan🎶
🎶Because I believe I understand!🎶
🎶This song doesn’t have a tune🎶
🎶Didn’t bother to do that through🎶
🎶But I like making songs, so I’ll sing along!🎶
🎶Im a proud fan of what I like!🎶
🎶Gumball, Amphibia, MLP, MLP G5
Steven Universe, Big city, HTTYD, Turning Red
My love for these will survive!🎶
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