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I don’t remember anything about a password, we didn’t get CN until we moved to another county in summer of 2001. All I know is that people remember it mainly as the halftime point (which cuts to the control room with Fred and Moltar talking about “The Scooby-Doo Project”, a series of shorts that aired on CN around October the previous year that parodied the recent “Blair Witch Project” that came out a few months before and resolving the cliffhanger that otherwise implied that the gang was killed by the monster in the investigation).
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I find it interesting that Ugly Americans had a rotating list of production companies.
In no particular order:
F/**/k Factor Productions[f]
Tookie Wilson Productions[g]
Irony Point[h]
Augenblick Studios[i]
Cuppa Coffee Studios[j]
Turner Studios[k]
Big Jump Entertainment[l]
Solis/Markle Animation Productions[m]
Georgia Entertainment Industries[n]
s01ep12 only
s01-s02ep5; s02ep15
s01-s02ep01; ep09; ep15-17
season 01
s02ep02-ep05; ep10; ep15
s02ep02-13; ep15
s02ep02-ep05; ep10; ep15
Has any other adult sitcom had something like that?
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