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Do you ever feel like 90s Nickelodeon was lightning in a bottle, and something that we’ll never see again?
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Should I point out that you shouldn’t get too attached to the past, since it had stuff that is now deemed as unacceptable in today’s society?
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And I don’t think most are really that damaged at losing Aquaman: Glub or the number of other shows on that list they probably never heard about nor watched when they came out - although, I’m sure used screenshots from them.
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plus what is acceptable today can become unacceptable based the standards and animation tends to get viewed in multiple bad lights as it and other stuff are falsely blamed for the problems in society or just seen as just for kids and they think some boring show like 16 and Pregnant or that one show following some messed up Christian Family.
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“Speedy Spidey Delivery” is the first episode to feature all the heroes (Spidey, Spin, Ghosty, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther) and villains (Doc Ock, Rhino and Green Goblin).
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New Spidey episode!
Electro’s Gotta Glow: Electro uses her new Electro-Zorber to steal all the city’s electricity at night, so Team Spidey gets a “glow-up” from the Team Transport to help the citizens see in the dark and find her.
Black Cat Chaos: Black Cat steals Tony Stark’s iron suit and goes on a joyride with it.
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