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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The “Updated” Minnie Mouse looks terrible.
But, it perfectly shows the lifelessness and devoid of imagination Modern Disney has become.
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Today’s “Spidey”: Green Goblin is trying to ruin the paintings at the museum, and only Miles can stop him with his own art; Peter and Gwen have to pet-sit a puppy while dealing with Rhino at the mall.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Thread Starter - Started a thread with over 100 pages

@Lord WyrmSpawN
It’s for an “event” in France, but a lot of people I’ve seen are acting like this or want this to be the default, and there’s no way Disney wouldn’t think about it. Ironically saying it “Owns” when they “Covered up” that floosy in the bright colors and exposed legs with a bland pantsuit. The people celebrating this are quite… CONSERVITIVE with how they demand Minnie be dressed.
Like I said; it just looks so corporate.
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I’m highly doubtful that we’ll see any origin stories in “Spidey and his Amazing Friends”. All I know is that we haven’t seen Ben Parker or Aaron Davis yet, so I’m gonna assume they died prior to the show. Plus the show’s more about teaching kids about teamwork than storytelling anyway.
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Unpopular opinion but i can’t really get into Hell of a boss or Hazbin hotel anymore because of how overtly the stories are derailed in the pursuit of selling merch, characters are left flat and devoid of meaning while still getting tons of screen time because they will sell merch while every other character inconsistently spouts snappy lines in order to apear cool or has some melodrama to make them sympathetic, it’s just really shallow and relies way to much on overwrought animation in place of good story/characters, because that’s enough to sell posters and pins,
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Hazbin Hotel put aside since there is really only the one episode, Helluva Boss is establishing the world and focuses on everyone in I.M.P. + Stolas which i think is fine, they only started to explore their characters and motivations and once they done that they can start expanding on other characters.
Personally i liked Helluva Boss much better already on the first episode than Hazbin Hotel. I think the humor in pretty much every aspect is better and the characters are more appealing to me.
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