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I’m sure most people remember KND, and the episode where they were turned into animals.
Number 5 is black, so becomes an african animal, a gazelle.
Number 4 is an aussie, so a koala.
Number 3 is japanese, crane.
Number 2, FAT, hippo.
Number 1, never quite clear, but make him a seal anyway.
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Imagine staying mostly true to the original artstyle instead of giving people these ugly oversimplified styles like Teen Titans Go or Thundercats Roar, etc.
Imagine giving a damn, looks fantastic.
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The professor dropping his notes in “Homer Goes to College” was, indeed, way funnier than that dumb pun he made.
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I’ve been watching a bunch of the Thomas the Tank Engine movies. Most are actually pretty good. Some are pretty crap. I’m about to watch what’s widely considered the absolute best.

I’m looking forward to what awaits.
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