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@Dex Stewart
The 65-ep trope actually applies to many '80s & '90s cartoons, not just Disney. It was so they could reair them easier.
Even MLP:FIM almost fell victim to it, so it contimues to this day. .

Even the Super Mario Super Show was only 65 eposodes, if you count it's Zelda ones.
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@Terminal Rex

Last good one I saw was Cobra Kai. But that seems to largely be because William Zabka (Johnny) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel-san) are executive producers, and they want to make it a quality product.
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I watched all 10 episodes of Jellystone, and if you enjoy C.H. Greenblatt's comedy from Chowder and Harvey Beaks, you'll definitely enjoy this. It's a love-letter to Hanna Barbera cartoons, but the series is its own thing.

I'll just say the first episode starts off very unhinged.
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@Dex Stewart
Reminds me of that comic where Muriel gives Courage to Samurai Jack before she died.

Also, Thea White died recently…. That's sad, but at least she was able to finish the series while Wilson had to retire due to illness before passing in 2003.
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