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Smith’s Revelation commentaries are up on YouTube.
I really want nothing more to do with the show,so I’ll just wait for someone else to pass along any details.
Netflix She-ra fans don’t seem to like it any more than the old MotU fans. Glad we can agree on that.
Revelation should have been the greatest unexplored love story.
I saw a few saying they “fixed” He-man and comparing it to shera, but many now share the sentiment of being absolutely done with He-Man. I’m just waiting on the new shipments as well as series two figures and watch as they go on clearance quick.
I almost wonder if Mattel didn’t see this coming, since they put out a teaser for another He-Man show at the same time, despite the art direction, That one might actually be good! They got the guy that wrote the really good DC He-Man stories, so he knows He-Man and know He-Man should come first.
I made a joke about Revelations being shit and the toys being good, and the other show was good and the toys were shit.
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At the end of one of the Classic MotU episodes, the Cat girl,Kittrina asks about the “handsome guy”. Whoever she asked answered “He-man”. Then Kittrina says,“No,not him,Battle Cat!”
Also I’m watching Coraline for the first time and I like the music.

well, at least he-man fans have some hope i suppose. Also, i just hope the guy who voices revelations skeletor returns. Also, the show is being made by the guys who made the Tales of Arcadia trilogy (i.e. Trollhunters, 3Below, and wizards). Honestly, if you have any reason to be subbed to Netflix that might be it.
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Remember, They don’t care about your bad reviews. They don’t care if you hate it, so long as you keep paying your monthly subscription.
Apathy is your most devastating weapon. Nothing makes these creeps sweat more when you ignore them. All the memes and word of mouth is just free advertising, as is clicking on their Rage Bait articles.
Stop giving money and attention to people who hate you. Stop hyping yourselves up for these Nostalgia wank fests that only want to Deconstruct the originals and mock you for caring.
Start creating and getting invested in New Independent IP’s Or these people will have a stranglehold on your Imagination, Pop culture and entertainment forever.
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So apparently Arthur is actually ending.  
And I’m pretty sure That 1st response some of you had to seeing this was wait it was still going?

#209 Swift
@northern haste  
I knew it was still going but I have no idea if it was still doing good story/character wise. Animation wise it’s gotten worse but that’s a given.
Better for it to end lest it become like the simpsons :x
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