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I guess a wizard did it. Or a Trollan. [/bq]
There's a vid I just saw about Changing characters to avoid royalties since in essence, it's a different character with the same name. Which actually explains a lot as the reason as to why they change characters, usually with the easiest way.

So, in a very ironic way, those cheering for these _representations_ are really cheering for companies being cheap and screwing over the people that created the characters in the process.

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From what I've seen with that powercon that stated "Teela's journy" Kevin "I make vids about rumor, but how dare someone hear a rumor about my show" Smith's small meltdown, the article saying at some point the show takes a different turn. At worst it'll be a polished turd and Smith.

And with Evil-Lynn just standing there with others, There's more then one red flag.
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