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You laugh, you lose.

Background Pony #97BA
The Dread Gazebo.. with changeling:
/q As it turns out, a train is a noisy metal monster that eats coal and takes ponies to different places. When Topaz managed to pry me from the ceiling at its first blast of noise upon reaching the fort, I found myself immensely concerned. This beast was smoking like a dragon’s den, consumed rocks, and ponies were just climbing inside? Absurd. Disgusting. What if this ‘train’ decided to digest us? I adamantly refused to approach it, and Topaz settled for dragging me from my room as she explained that it was not actually alive, though I could very clearly hear it breathing. /q

“The train rolls up to the station.”  
“This train…what color is it?”  
“Um…this one’s pink with red hearts on it.”  
“How far away is it?”  
“About 50 feet”  
“How big is it?”  
“(pause) the engine is about 30 feet long. The train as a whole is about 250 feet long.”  
“I use my sword to detect good on it”  
“It’s not good, Idol, it’s a train.”  
“I call out to it.”  
“It won’t answer. It’s a train.”  
“I sheathe my sword and draw my bow and arrows. Does it respond in any way?”  
“No, Idol, it’s a train!”  
“I shoot it with my bow, and roll to hit…What happened.”  
“There is now a train with an arrow sticking out of it. Other potential passengers are giving you odd looks”.  
“Wasn’t it wounded?”  
gulp but that was a +3 arrow!”  
“It’s a train, Idol, a TRAIN! If you really want to destroy it, you could try to get some explosives, but I don’t know why anypony would even try! It’s a bucking train!”  
Idol (gave a long pause)“I run away”  
“It’s TOO LATE. You’ve awakened the Train and it eats you!”  
“Oh, nice job DM, he’ll be impossible now.”  

Dex Stewart
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@Count Adramélekh Sear  
If I may nerd for a second,Jedi master Ki-adi Mundi even has a wife…or two,or three…His people’s births are scarce so all of his people are encouraged to procreate.  
I even know one of his wife’s names,Mawin.
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