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We all got roped into one of these things before, right? XD

Mine is relatively simple, but long. Basically my best friend at the time ran a really clownshoes text roleplay. The thing had no goddamn regulation, not even rock/paper/scissors, so anytime I tried to accomplish ANYTHING or set up a narrative thread, my idea would get negated so my friend could fawn over a bunch of Dracos in Leather Pants and have a lot of NSFW PWP shenanigans that went nowhere. I dropped out, but she literally let it control her life so that she only got dates off of RPs.

SO. Who else has their share of horrors? :D
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I don't do RP on MySpace, Facebook, or Live Journal. I generally do a lot of Forum RP, and most of the time that's very heavily narrative driven.

It's also made us look down on "illiterate" or "casual" types who don't put a lot of effort into their stuff. But at the same time, their bumbling, ignorant methodology has lead to a lot of hilarious stuff… Like bacon-flavored Pepsi. Let me show you something from one of these types:

""You approached me, and I was already having a rather talkative day." Dimitri signals over the waiter, and ignores the look he gives his burns. "I'll take a cherry Pepsi, large pepperoni and bacon Pepsi….. And spaghetti…""

"Dimitri nods. "Back in Russia, injuries like this were common, and I was still accepted. But here, I just look like an outcast." His accent thickens around the words Russia, and outcast. "But, I will be fine. It's not like any of these people bother me… It just gets annoying after awhile." He scratches his chest, and the shivers slightly. "Why the hell is it so cold in here?""

""Well…. There it depends where you live. I was farther up North, on the eastern coast. I lived in a small, and unknown village on the waters edge. So it was always freezing, and moist. In southern Russia, it is still cold, but there is less snow, and it is warmer." His accent thickens, and he sighs. "Still not a very nice place. Plus, the communists constantly running around, preaching their ways are very annoying… Then you have the current Tsar, what a jerk." He takes a break and yawns. "All in all though, only a Russian can understand the beauty of the motherland."
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