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What I've realized about the fandom

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

The fact that this fandom is, for lack of a better term, so dense, that it no longer needs a show to survive. I mean, other fandoms can chug along without new content for a while, but MLP is the only fandom I can think of that, If they just stopped making MLP stuff altogether, would never die down at all.
This sounds good, but it's actually a problem. It's good for a fandom to quiet down and get starved for more content every now and again. It encourages creators to make better things for those who wait for it.
But MLP no longer needs good content to survive, so Hasbro won't give good content anymore. They know that it doesn't matter, so they won't bother. The fandom's basically killing the very thing it's a fan of.
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I respectfully disagree.

Even when the show was still going, this fandom created a lot more content than most other fandoms did, and the hiatuses between seasons didn't diminish the content output one bit. I think what happened is that somehow it attracted a bunch of artists and retained enough fans to give the artists the business they need to stay invested. And in addition to having a very large body of work to draw inspiration from, there seems to be an almost limitless potential for new work in the form of alternate universes and crossovers.

I think in some ways the content our fandom creates now is actually better and more sophisticated than it was before because we've passed the stage where everything is new. Many older works that were popular before are being re-evaluated and and people realize they weren't as good as they previously thought, while new work builds upon the ideas of those older works and actually makes them good.

I don't think Hasbro's content output is really affected much by the fandom. We were never Hasbro's target audience and I don't think they even understand why our fandom came to be in the first place. Hasbro's sole concern is to sell as many toys to as many children as possible, and all of their decisions are based around that. I think 'Pony Life' would have been made whether bronies existed or not. I don't think we're going to get another FiM-type show in the forseeable future because it simply isn't a pragmatic business decision.
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