What game are you all playing right now??


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we have the same name! also ive been getting really into learning about doom :3 really wanna play the 2016 one when i get back from a trip im on. currently im playing half-life
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F-Zero 99.
Holy shit this game is way more fun than I thought it’d be. Why is Twitter (I refuse to call it it’s new name) all up in arms about it?
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@Conversed Corruption
I mean, it’s still a new game. It’s pretty clear to me and most of the fanbase that this is a way of testing the waters to gauge interest in F-Zero as a series for a revival.
The series has been dormant for 20 years. Did they really think Nintendo would waste the time, money and resources on a completely new game in a franchise that hasn’t seen a new entry since the GameCube? It’s more efficient to just reuse the assets from the original so if the game fails and the series stays dead for good, it wouldn’t be a drain of money and resources.
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Well then...
Mortal Kombat 1
They remade Super Mario RPG which comes out very soon. They’re bringing back a very popular Mario classic from the 2000’s with updated visuals and gameplay mechanics (Paper Mario and TTYD). They finally made a game with Daisy as a playable character for adventuring that isn’t a sports game and giving Peach her own second installment. They made Metroid and brought it up to modern standards. Nintendo is a rich and powerful company. I personally don’t care for F-Zero, but what I’m trying to say is that they damn well have the time and resources to remake a racing game that has been dormant since the early 2000’s. It’s definitely something for fans to play, but continues to be that one weird kid in the back of the classroom because Nintendo isn’t acknowledging it’s existence enough for a modern release.
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@Conversed Corruption
Technically, it’s last game was on GBAdvance actually, and ironically only released in Japan (based on the second half of the anime) where F-Zero is less popular compared to America. (The first game on SNES was a “million seller,” don’t forget.)
Supposedly, Miyamoto was surprised when somebody told him people want a new F-Zero, so I think Nintendo just didn’t think the game was popular enough.
Hopefully, 99’s popularity (despite some backlash, it’s doing well and has many players, and getting free DLC soon) will help F-Zero become less niche’, and maybe lead to a revival.
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