What do girls like in a guy?

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Congratz, you managed to find love despite having an infinitely warped sense of what the opposite sex wants. The cosmos works in mysterious ways.

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I mean it's not like sex is some magical, godly experience. Or if it is I'm clearly not doing it right

Protip You're not doing it right

I was hoping for more joke answers it seemed people forgot about it :/

I was also hoping that there might be a single girl who might say different.
Out of all the girls I know they say looks are the most important, second is money. Keep in mind I live in a "ghetto" area where guns and drugs are prevalent even among kids below 10yo.

I like what I like
You either catch my attention or you don't
You'll never be everyone's cup of tea
But you'll find someone you click with eventually
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OK I see the majority of replies are dudes but to be blunt as a girl:
Don't fake it.
You won't like it, she won't like it. I know a few have said this and it's true.
Others have said play your strengths and that's true too.
Yes looks are important at some level but in the end we'd rather spend our time with someone enjoyable not someone stunning and boring.

Above all else: Don't make friends with girls expecting it to turn into a relationship and when it doesn't, get mad.
No one owes you a relationship and that's ok!
Honestly everyone's experience is different and not all advice will work for you, but I wish you the best of luck!

I have morning brain so my wording probably sucks, but yeee ! :,)
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Qualities I look for: sense of humor, chill and flexible, loyalty to friends, always looking to improve, curious and aware that things may not be what they seem
Things I avoid: lacks healthy boundaries for self or others, low empathy, lovebombing, toxic intellectualism or elitist behavior, incels who hate women
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