What do girls like in a guy?

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Well I can't say what girls like, but I know what I like.
To start the phrase "Be confident" is at once true and false. Yes confidence is a good thing to have but the line between confidence and arrogance is very thin. But the best thing I can say is just be yourself. Even if you're a shy socially awkward dork. As long as you have a good heart and the courage to be a little stupid at times, you'll find the right one. And I get that rejection can be scary, but if you let your fear of failure stop you, then you won't get anywhere.

Strawberry Clock
I dunno I find that being an arrogant bunghole worked better than being myself :p
The real me is too boring, stupid and annoying enough that I can't even have a friend. I try to hide it 24/7 by being on my best behavior.

The two times I had a girl after me is when I insulted her after she insulted me

There's a person for everyone. But don't put up a act for people, if a girl likes you but then realizes that's just a act, how do you think she'll feel?
Plus you don't want to have to act differently for forever, ya gotta play it natural.

Strawberry Clock
I have yet had a friend that would put up with my personality
If I wanted to really "cut loose" I'd make CWC look like a completely normal person but it's better for everyone that I act like how society wants me to act, lest I go the way of CWC.

I can't really relate, I somehow make friends with mostly mostly anyone.
But I get angry in a instant, not that I've ever hit anyone but if someone put there hands on me I'd have hard time stopping myself from bashing their face in.
Albus Fahrenheits

Maybe that's the problem, man. You're too volatile. If there was someone who's like a powder keg ready to blow any minute, makes sense folks try to keep their distance.

I mean is fine being yourself but sometimes change can be for the better. Be friendly, be kind, be considerate, be humble. 'Fore you go getting yourself a girl, be sure you yourself is likable.
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