What Are You Listening To

Background Pony #6181
Device — Close My Eyes Forever
Radioactive Chicken Heads — Liquid Fat (Live)
Pain — Same Old Song
Rammstein — Spiel Mit Mir
Love And Death — The Abandoning
(By the way, does anyone here like, trim and merge different parts of audio files, with two different songs, taking the best parts from them and combining them?) If you do, you can upload and share the links to listen/download them.
Device — Out Of Line
Edges Of Seven — Cave Wall
Emigrate — War
Mezarkabul — Tigris
Alter Bridge — Wouldn't You Rather
Lostprophets — We Still Kill The Old Way
Mezarkabul — Kam
Hatrix — Joyride
Trapt — Headstrong (Demo)
Background Pony #6181
Stormtroopers Of Death — March Of The S.O.D. & Sargent D And The S.O.D.
Stormtroopers Of Death — Speak English Or Die
Hollywood Undead — Glory
Nik Nocturnal & Andy Cizek — Heavy
Papa Roach — Time Is Running Out
Volbeat — Evelyn
Any Given Day — Arise
Radio Tapok — Солнце
I am the best singer ever
Trivium — Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
Mark Morton — Cross Off
Mark Morton — Sworn Apart
(Sometimes I crank up the tempo to 1.10 and tone down the pitch to -1.5. I use Music Speed Changer to do this)
Wallet After Summer Sale -

What have I become...
New Architects album

…I have no idea how to feel about this one yet, gonna take a few listens to get a feel for it (Holy Hell was the same way, but it did eventually click for me).
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