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Was the Lotus Casino a real place?

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If you went to high school in the 2010’s (like me), then you probably remember watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians as part of your lesson on Greek Mythology. In that movie Percy and his friends travel to a casino in Las Vegas called the Lotus Casino.
What I wanna know is was there ever a real-life casino in Vegas called the Lotus Casino? If so, what was it like there and what happened to it? I’m asking because Google has not given me any factual answers.
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If you went to high school in the 2010’s
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What I wanna know is was there ever a real-life casino in Vegas called the Lotus Casino?
I doubt it, because:
  1. It’s easier to invent a fictitious casino than to convince an actual casino to use their name and logo
  2. The ‘Lotus Casino’ in the movie is portrayed negatively (it traps people and wastes their time). I doubt many casinos would want to be portrayed as antagonists in a movie unless they’re desperate for publicity.
  3. The name ‘Lotus’ is an allusion to the Island of the Lotus Eaters from The Odyssey, and the Casino serves the same role in Percy Jackson as the island does in The Odyssey (it’s an obstacle/a waste of time to distract the protagonists from their quest). So it was probably invented as part of the Greek Mythology theme of the movie.
  4. If such a casino actually existed there would probably be documentation of it. Wikipedia’s ‘List of Casinos in Nevada’ doesn’t yield any results.
It’s possible that they may have used an actual casino as a filming location, but I don’t know if they actually did.
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