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I’ve played through bioshock infinite about four times at this point so I’d say I enjoy it a bit.
Also, I recently got the amnesia fortnight prototype games and I freaking love brazen. I hope they’re working on the full version.
Also, also:  
darksiders is a pretty cool guy
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@Vampire Rarity
That’s exactly why you should play it. Do you like Uncharted? It’s a lot like that, but more survival-based. There are some pretty crazy setpieces, and when you think the game is ending it’s only halfway done… and it will get crazier from there.
Infinite is a little similar to the first two, but it’s a lot more narrative-driven, and in this case that is absolutely not a bad thing. It’s got a great story.
Dark Moon is really fun, and surprisingly challenging. It doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to the really horrible puzzles, and you’ll spend a lot of time wandering around trying to figure out where to go, and in the meantime you’ll discover hidden stuff along the way. I’d recommend it.
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Damn man, I’m a Paradox fan too XD, loved vicky II and I, have you also played Hearts of Iron III and Europa Universalis III?, also, are you hyped about EU IV and “the old gods” DLC for CKII?
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I haven’t played the first Viccy or Crusader Kings games. And I have Hearts of Iron 3, but I haven’t played it.
As per Europa Universalis I’m not too into the series. Though maybe I’m basing this off of III, which is absolutely disgusting to look at. Though the new one looks beautiful.
And I am pumped for The Old Gods. It sounds like it’ll be an amazing ride. And who wouldn’t want a few extra centuries?
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Why am I here, already ?
I love Paradox Games (mods, mods, MODDDDSSSSS !!!) , especially Crusader Kings II and the AGOT mod (thanks to this mod, I discovered the books, I’m about to read the first volume of the series…)
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I’ve been drifting back and forth between skyrim and morrowind currently.  
Friends tell me that I should get dark souls and play half life.
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Oh come on, IX was pretty good. I enjoyed X as well, although it had its issues. VIII, XII, and XIII thought… they needed to go through a few more rounds of revision.
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This ranks as probably my number one, although it’s a really close tie between Snake Eater and this game(MGS: Peace Walker is also climbing this list):
(And despite what OP says about Call of Duty, I love it, so MEH!)
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