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There is 3 major categories.
Transgender or more specially the problems that are caused like gender disphoria could be on the odd/ schiztypal behavior. Disorganized values or mental hangups and learning disabilities will be type C.
Impulse disorders usually fall into the emotional instability category. This category is taken very seriously because it causes the most criminal behavior. This is type B.
You can have both. You can have an impulse control disorder and odd/schiztypal beliefs. These people can be like dog fuckers and pedophiles.
Not Sear, Sear just has God honest anger problems, over blessed with Allahs greatest gift, rage.

Keep in mind the DSM is for categorizing the social aspect more or less.
I’m more into physiology. Impulse control is mediated by the front cortical tissue of the brain, which refines and inhibits signals from the mid brain.
Belief systems are seated in the default mode network, which decides your behavior when you’re not consciously aware. This is developed much earlier and people with stable family structures usually maintain their belief system for life. It definitely can change, not at will. You can’t will yourself to not be gay, not usually. Maybe if the gay wiring was already weak.
Not every belief system interacts with the DSM, if it doesn’t cause one of the 3 systems of maladaptive behavior. I think illness faking got its own category for legal reasons.
Transgender is not an illness itself, it’s an identity formed around the belief that the man and women aspect of life isn’t closely tied to sexual characteristics like balls or tits. There is no reason this isn’t atleast tolerable by society.
That’s good, sorry you got in my accidental double post.
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BTW, the other day I tried to make a new MSN Hotmail account and there’s this weird shit saying something about a registered domain or something. Anyone else here have that issue or know anything about this and anyone wonder why is so freaking weird now.
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You really got your Discord back from being hacked? How so?
Or you created a new Discord?
I ask because two friends of mine had their Discord hacked and I really really don’t want to get hacked myself, so I’m paranoid
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@Background Pony #E9D4
Yeah I just maud a new email and thus a few discord a few days ago just remember if you see anything about someone saying your profile was targeted for illegal purchases or something and even with Discord documents it’s a hack that’s what happened to me. Discord doesn’t even have like a store so just be on the lookout.
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I know that feeling it’s like having a bounce house in your colon and their stuff jumping around in your colon and all that shit once out good God man I’m sorry

It’s always hot now, even at night, and I can’t run my computer with the AC because the voltage is too low. Can’t turn the AC off, because my mom is always sick and sleeping in her room, like 20 hours a day.
I’m moving up north soon with my GF, and getting a real apartment, and not this camper. I can’t do nothing but cook and clean, and sometimes its hard to even do that, because my mom never gets up.

If you’re smaller than your opponent you can take advantage of that too.
Not me though, I’m tall af, I can expect most people to be shorter.
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Not so much a vent, but a genuine question: how come none of the Infection AU stuff for MordeTwi got saved into this website? I’ve seen some good looking ones in videos but I don’t find them here. (Sorry if I’m posting on the wrong thread or forum.)
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There’s a new movement of “influencers” on Tic Tok saying that sun screen causes cancer, with some of the idiots saying that getting sun burns are “good” for you.
As someone who narrowly avoided skin cancer, I want to punch these people in the face, preferably while they’re streaming.
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Yeah, I’m a bad sufferer of constipation because I don’t have the best diet in the world so I’m at fault for my poor eating habits.
As someone who works outside in the hot sun and perpetually has tanned arms, yeah these people are just talking out of their asses.
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You heard of that WBD/Hasbro copyright debacle? Pretty sure you have.
If you have, i will tell you this: You are lucky. It could’ve gone worse.
For instance, El Chavo, a 1980s mexican sitcom that’s quite an icon down here in Brazil, was straight-up pulled from all TV channels and streaming services because of a copyright dispute, and right now, you can only watch it if you’re willing to sail the high seas, either on YouTube, through torrents, and some piracy websites. And even on YT, there’s the chance the episode will be copy-struck. There was a petition to bring it back, but it was (presumably) unsuccessful.
Imagine if MLP was taken off all the airwaves and from all streaming services. Media piracy would become rampant within the fandom, which would likely start slowly dying out, given that the main object that created it is now only available through piracy. The parts that are most likely to survive would be the ones who embrace what came before or after FiM, and those who surround fan-made content, and there is no guarantee that those parts will survive for long.
Just some thoughts for you.
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